Design Company  HANSEN STUDIO is engaged in the interior design and architectural design of houses, apartmens, restourants. The team includes the best designers and the best architects who have great creative potential and many years of experience in the field of design.
Interior design - Gym loft style 
Interior design - Gym loft style 
This masterpiece from Hansen studio design bears the design of raw materials such as brick , concrete and wood.
And together with the lighting it inspires training to the fullest.
A interior design project like this gym / fitnessclub should not only please the eyes but bring out a feeling inside you aswell!
If the design of the interior can do that ! Then we as designers have succeeded beyond comprehension.
The minute you step inside this hulking beast of raw power and macho design your body start to vibrate and your mind start to focus on training.
The symphony of brick , wood , concrete and hard metal gives a fantastic contrast to the blackened walls and ceiling. The floor to roof windows brings in the natural light and mix it with the rgb light of the design.
The floor of the interior design on the second level is of the latest technology made from impermeable non-porous virgin rubber and gives the look of smooth concrete and it brings the design project to a new level.
Locker rooms with handmade lockers in ashwood gives a welcoming feeling. The ashwood continues into the shower room and binds them together.
Interior design spa salon
Interior design spa salon

The connection with nature , raw natural materials and spa / wellness have always been proven successful and dates back to old Japan. 
This design project inspires the visitor with a sence of calm and tranquility. Soft lighting and gentle water clucking against the naked concrete brings a soothing comforting feeling to the mind.
The interior designer have drawn inspiration from mother nature and played with natural materials in the interior design.
Naked concrete and raw wood take turns to cover the walls and ceilings. 
The earth color palette is playing a key role in the design for this interior because its soothing comforting abilities.
The four elements is ever present in this design as gentle warm breezes flows thru the spa to keep a comfortable temperature.
Living candles burns and cast a warm welcoming light.
The smell of earth comes from the pathways of earth and stones. And the feeling that you get after the rain.
Water plays an important role too for the design and for its ability to create a calm atmosphere.
The sound of trickling water and gentle waves of water have proven to be soothing for the mind.
In our role as interior designers Hansen studio design does not only try to please the eye but also project feelings thru the design.
Here we have used the color orange to infuse the workers with energy and good mood while brainstorming and creating.
In this interior design project we use mirrors on the walls to enhance dephth and a sence of space.
The office consists of a hall , some smaller office rooms and a meeting room.
In this interior design we play with contrasts and the orange and black is an amazing mix together with the wood.
Some patterns has been added to break up the lines and not make it so square.
Wooden floor in the same color as the one used for the walls and the ceiling to bind it all together.

What we have done on this interior design project
• Ventilation plans
• Floor plans
• Ceiling plans
• Wall plans
• Furniture plans
• 3D visualization
• Electric plans
• Material list
• Elevation plans
Interior design boutiqe
This boutiqe gives a fresh breath to the italian minimalism. 
Simple elegance in its purest form. 
A touch of floral beauty between the contrast of black and white lines.
The objective of the interior design was to make a light airy design that was simple and elegant with touch of color.
This design project is only one in a serie of boutiqes.
The materials used in this project came mainly from Italy to further more emphasize the feeling of italian design project.
The elegant and simple design serves the purpous of not distracting the costumers from the colorful clothes in the store.
A large mirrorwall divide the room and acts as a wall. Behind the wall you find the changing room area.
The floor is covered with italian tiles that reseble marble in a white and smokey gray color.
The beauty in this interior design lays in the way your eyes are not drawn from the clothes that the boutiqe is selling but still feel the design in the periferi of your vision.
The challanges that we faced with this design project was ; not too much and not too little.
Interior design 
The design project of Konak restaurant in Moscow is diverse and colorful! The great hall located on the second floor gives a royal feeling with its high glass ceiling and its balcony.
The total area of this project is about 600 sq.m.
The objective of the design was to combine european style and oriental (Turkish) traditional motifs , colors , ornaments and textures.
When creating this design project our designers paid great attention to the light design.
Hovering rgb lighting as the main decor in the restaurants interior changes the atmosphere from discreet business lunch to a festive feast with friends.
The color solutions and paintings in the design project of the restaurant only emphasized the general idea of the design.
Upholstered textured furnitures and its combinations in different zones creates comfort and increase the uniqueness of the project.
This project was well recieved by clients and colleagues in the field of design industry and is included in the TOP-100 of the best restaurant interiors in Russia
Interior design restaurant pizzeria
Interior design restaurant pizzeria

The design of this restaurant pizzeria mix contemporary and loft style.
Ceiling made of wood panels breaks all square patterns with its random directions.
The black colors of the walls and ceiling gives a interesting constrast to the interior design when matched against the golden brown wood.
A large photo wallpaper covers the wall were the stairs are running up to the restaurant from the entrence on the first floor.
Gray and green armchairs and sofas mingles with big round yellow and green lamps and gives a welcoming feeling in the restaurant.
Tiles with brick motive covers some of the walls , the bar and a pillar giving the restaurant a bit of a rustic look.
The bar countertop is jet black on top of the brick.
Large black tiles covers the floor and binds the black ceiling and floor together.
The object of the design was to create a restaurant with a rustic and homely feeling and creating a brandbook for a serie of restaurants
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